Entrepreneurship and Innovations (Grade 4 and up)

As young global business leaders, Stockbridge students first experience our Stockbridge Advantage Subject: Entrepreneurship and Innovations during Grade 4. They are called Kidpreneurs. They start to identify their competencies and personal strengths at an early age. In this class, students are taught how to be entrepreneurs and business leaders. They learn how to research and analyze market trends, create their own business plan, and then bring their plan into fruition during our Market Day event. The development of their leadership skills will be expanded upon in the Stockbridge Advantage Subject: Leadership and Personality Development.

Entrepreneurship and Innovations (EAI) encompasses the fields of Information, Communication and Technology, Home Economics, and Entrepreneurship. This program gears towards the development of technological proficiency and is anchored on knowledge and information, entrepreneurial concepts, process and delivery, work values and life skills. Students learn the foundational skills of making a business plan, presenting a marketing strategy and starting their own business. This subject provides the base for becoming a Global Entrepreneur.

By Junior High School (7-10), Students are enrolled in a Junior Entrepreneurship Program. The program is experiential and focused on the students' ideas for projects. It encourages entrepreneurship in the area of personal empowerment and motivation, while providing theoretical and practical knowledge in financial literacy. Simple lessons are taught on Business 101: Basic Accounting and Budgeting, Innovations and Design Thinking. At the end of the program, a more comprehensive business plan with feasibility studies backed up by relevant research are expected of students.

The Young Entrepreneurs and Business Program is for Senior High School (Grade 11-12). While working in groups as an investment team, students collaborate to set a financial goal, learn the basics of investment types, portfolio management, and financial planning. They learn these skills as they engage in activities that reinforce math, social studies, language arts, and economics. Students will have the opportunity to act as the leader of their group. They will learn to think critically about investing as they understand the factors that contribute to a smart financial strategy. Lessons are taught on investment 101: Economic Forecast and Market Trends; Basic Economics, Social Entrepreneurship and Family business management. Prior to graduation, students are required to undertake their own start-ups.

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